Find Your Pup's Favourite Surrey Dog Park at These 8 Dog Off-Leash Areas

Best Dog Parks in Surrey

Thanks to the abundance of beautiful parks in town, Surrey is nicknamed "The City of Parks." Surrey real estate is divided into seven distinct districts designated as "town centres." It should come as no surprise that there are so many open areas for residents to get out and enjoy themselves with their dogs. Ready to have some fun with your pup? Keep reading to learn all about Surrey dog parks.

Blackie Spit Park

Blackie Spit Park is just one of the wonderful amenities provided with the homes for sale in Crescent Beach. It has two designated areas where residents can take their dogs off-leash to let them roam. One of those areas is the only designated off-leash swimming spot for dogs. There are no separate areas for large and small dogs.

The main off-leash area is next to the tennis courts, right near the entrance to the park. There's a covered location for owners and their dogs in case it starts raining. The off-leash swimming area is fenced off. Visitors need to check the tide schedule because dogs should only go in the water when the tide is in. There's also an environmentally sensitive area to the north of the swimming area, where dogs are prohibited.

Blackie Spit Park Additional Information

  • Address: Blackie Spit Park, 3136 McBride Ave, Surrey, BC V4A 3E2
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Tynehead Regional Park

Look for the Tynehead Hatchery parking lot of 96 Avenue to find this sizeable wooded park entrance. There's more parking available here, but it's a bit of a walk to get to the dog park. A smaller parking lot on the north end of 168 Street sits directly near the dog park.

Tynehead has 2.5 hectares of off-leash areas in it for dogs to run and play. It also has a nice marked 750m trail for folks who like to take their dogs on walking and jogging trails in Surrey. Watch the signs along the trails when going for a long walk because there are some on-leash areas that the paths cross through.

Tynehead Regional Park has a picnic area and public washrooms available. There are no separate sections for small dogs. Visitors with dogs are advised to abide by the Metro Vancouver Canine Code of Conduct.

Tynehead Regional Park Additional Information

  • Address: Tynehead Regional Park, 16689 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V4N 6G8
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Serpentine Off-Leash Dog Park

The Serpentine Off-Leash Dog Park is located in the Newton town centre. It's surrounded by Surrey townhomes for sale and lots of green space. The park is fully fenced off and wide open for dogs to run, play Frisbee and have a great time.

There's a parking lot available on 76 Avenue, but the park is large enough to have entrances from several surrounding residential neighbourhoods. It provides 1.5 hectares of grass, gravel paths and shrubbery for dogs. There are no separated areas for dogs of different sizes in this park. The picnic area, a covered viewing area, a water tap, and washrooms are all amenities available to people who live in homes in the Newtown real estate market.

Serpentine Off-Leash Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: Serpentine Off-Leash Dog Park, 12589 76 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2T7
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a relatively new park in Surrey. It was funded by a generous gift to commemorate Canada's 150th birthday. While the park's address is on 139 Street, street parking is available on both 139 Street and a block over on 140 Street. The 140 Street side of the park is much closer to the dog off-leash area of the park.

It has a picnic area, lots of nature playground equipment for kids, and a fully fenced off-leash area for dogs. The entire park is about 3 hectares in size, with a good portion of that (almost half) dedicated to dogs.

The off-leash dog area has fenced-off spaces for both large and small dogs. The dog park has logs to play on, forested areas, and plenty of open space. A lot of thought and planning went into the design of this newer park, and it shows.

Forsyth Park Additional Information

  • Address: Forsyth Park, 10632 139 St, Surrey, BC V3T 4L7
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park

This park is noted as the first park in Surrey to fence off separate off-leash areas for large and small dogs. It's located just to the north of the Clayton Community Farmer's Market. Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park is one of the most extensive fenced areas for dogs in the city, at 1.25 hectares.

It has a water fountain for dogs, benches for visitors, paved walkways around the grassy and wooded play areas, and lots of fresh air. There are also washrooms on-site for visitors. The entire park was renovated and reseeded with new grass in 2021.

This park is a smaller portion of the larger Clayton Park and the Clayton Community Centre. To the east of the dog park is a Community Garden, where residents can learn about gardening and grow fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer months.

Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park, 7011 188 St, Surrey, BC V4N 3G6
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Freedom Dog Park

Located in the Fleetwood town centre in Surrey, the Freedom Dog Park is another excellent off-leash dog location to spend an afternoon. While it does not have separate fenced areas for large and small dogs, Freedom Dog Park does live up to its name. It provides about 1.25 hectares of open space to run in grassy areas. There are gravel trails through the park to walk along.

Although Freedom Dog Park is off-leash, dog owners should know that a few small areas around the park lack fencing. Don't let your dog stray too far away from you off-leash if he likes to "take off" on an adventure.

Amenities at Freedom Dog Park include a covered seating area, a picnic area, washrooms for visitors, and a water tap for the dogs. Turn onto 154A Street from 84 Avenue to find the designated parking area.

Freedom Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: Freedom Dog Park, 15452 84 Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 2N1
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Hawthorne Rotary Park

Located between Guildford homes for sale and the Whalley town centre in Surrey, the Hawthorne Rotary Park is a large, forested multi-use park. If visitors are only going for the off-leash dog park, that area is more easily accessible by turning off 108 Avenue and parking along 142a Street. There's a direct entrance to the off-leash dog park there. Note that there are no separate areas for large and small dogs.

The rest of the park is well worth a visit, too. The Hawthorne Gardens section of the park is stunning. The forested areas have gravel paths filled with paper birch, red alder and black cottonwood trees. There are benches along the plentiful trails for visitors to sit and enjoy the views.

Amenities at Hawthorne Rotary Park include a picnic area, a large playground, a water spray park (summer only), washrooms and family changing rooms.

Hawthorne Rotary Park Additional Information

  • Address: Hawthorne Rotary Park, 10513 144 St, Surrey, BC V3T 4V4,
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park is an excellent perk to buying a home in the Whalley real estate market. It's a large park on 90 Avenue, with a big area in the eastern end fenced off for off-leash dogs. There are no separate areas for large and small dogs. The park does have a tall chain-link fence surrounding it, so dogs can roam and play freely in the available open space.

The best place to park is in a small parking lot right off 90 Avenue. Then, walk about 200 yards east (past the tennis courts) to access the off-leash dog area. The fenced-in part for dogs encompasses about 0.6 hectares of dedicated space. It has trees, shrubbery, and gravel trails in the dog park.

Besides the tennis courts, a few trails and a picnic area, Kennedy Park doesn't offer any additional amenities. On the bright side, the lack of parking and amenities means the dog park is usually not too crowded.

Kennedy Park Additional Information

  • Address: Kennedy Park, 12171 90 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 1B6
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Surrey, BC Is a Dog-Friendly Community

Because there are so many spacious waterfront homes in Surrey, it can be surprising that it's the second-largest city by population in British Columbia after Vancouver. Surrey strives to provide a lot of open and green spaces for community members and their dogs. The list above contains some of the best-known dog-friendly parks in the Surrey area, and there are plans for more parks and open spaces to be developed in the future.

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