Golfer Must Haves: 4 Amenities You Need If You Live in Golf Course Home

Must-Have Amenities for Golf Homes

There are many reasons to love living in a golf community! If you love playing golf every day, then you can already imagine the benefit of homes on a golf course. On top of that, the best golf course neighbourhoods also usually have an array of other shared amenities. Fitness centres, spas, resort-style swimming pools, and swanky clubhouses are all commonplace. Are you looking to elevate your fairway estate even further? Consider adding these four golfer must-haves to your home.

Strategic Awnings, Fences or Storm Windows

When your house is located near the fairway, it needs protection from stray golf balls. A bad shot is uncommon but has the potential to shatter expensive glass, creating a mess and exposing the home's interior to the elements. Look for a house with well-placed awnings or strategic types of fencing to keep errant balls at bay. When balls still manage to reach the glass, specialized golf window screens or security films reduce the risk of damage. Storm doors and windows can provide extra protection as well. Homeowners may also prevent breakage with the help of these features:

  • Enclosed porch
  • Roll-down panels
  • Hurricane windows
  • Sheets of acrylic
  • Tempered glass

The abovementioned improvements aren't just practical; they can also improve your quality of life. Awnings create shade, while fences enhance privacy and security. Most window upgrades boost energy efficiency and shield homes from severe weather. Anything that makes glass harder to break will also discourage burglars and complement home security systems. However, it remains essential to keep other types of safety in mind. Things like screens and acrylic sheets mustn't interfere with an occupant's ability to escape in the event of a fire.

Pool, Hot Tub or Water Feature

Consider a Pool With Views of the Golf Course

There's nothing like a refreshing dip in the pool or hot tub after a round of golf. But which is right for your home? Hot tubs take up less space and usually don't need as much maintenance. On the other hand, a pool creates convenient opportunities to exercise and can increase resale value. Indoor swimming pools offer greater privacy and extend the swimming season. They also make it easier to keep the water clean. However, an outdoor pool or tub might have panoramic views, which is always splendid when you live near a golf course.

You can also consider non-swimming water features to bring a peaceful ambience to your backyard. A fountain or pond helps creates a more relaxing atmosphere. Fountains usually need less maintenance, especially if they have underground reservoirs. The water moves continuously, reducing the likelihood that mosquitoes will breed. Ponds are quieter, larger and more versatile than fountains. Small animals like frogs or fish may live in them, creating a charming ecosystem to accompany your stunning golf course views.

Golf Cart Garage

Cart garages rank among the most valuable home improvements. They shield these compact vehicles from snow, rain and ultraviolet rays. Unlike some sheds, these specialized golf cart garages provide ramps and have floors supporting heavy carts. These small garages may supply enough room for one or more carts and golf gear. Some buildings also offer lights, electrical outlets, windows or multiple doors. When looking at a cart garage, keep security in mind. Insurance might not cover the replacement cost if someone steals equipment by opening an unlocked window or door.

Size is also an important consideration when building or buying a storage unit for golf carts. If the door opening measures at least five feet wide and seven feet tall, most golf carts will pass through it without any problems. However, golfers with lifted carts should ensure their doors are at least eight feet tall. Remember to check the community association's rules before replacing any doors. Some golf cart garage doors feature automatic openers for maximum convenience. They generally use the same openers as car garages with one bay.

Extra Storage Space or Mud Room

Even when players travel in carts, shoes may become wet or muddy during a round of golf. A mud room helps protect the home's interior from dirt and grass stains. It's a small space located at the entrance to a house. Many mud rooms contain electrical wiring but aren't heated or cooled. People frequently use them to store umbrellas, shoes, and outerwear. They also provide a suitable place to keep clubs. If a house on a golf course lacks a mud room, it ought to have closets, outbuildings or other storage areas with enough room for golf gear. Creating separate storage space is a great way to make your home feel roomier, especially if you're living in a smaller condo near the golf course.

One advantage of a mud room is that it helps conserve energy. Less outdoor heat or cold air will enter the living quarters when people come and go. This area may also enhance home security if it has two locking doors. What should buyers look for in a mud room? This space becomes more valuable with shelves, storage compartments and wall racks. A light fixture and electrical outlet can boost convenience. Wet, grimy shoes may harm hardwood floors or carpeting, so a more durable flooring material is desirable in this area. Tile or concrete surfaces perform well.

What Golf Must-Haves Do You Want in Your Home?

These amenities make a living in golf course houses more enjoyable, but some hold greater importance than others. When buying a property, the highest priorities differ depending on a home's exact location, the local climate and a buyer's personal preferences. It's also crucial to consider what shared amenities a specific golf course provides. When making improvements, try to choose upgrades that enhance your enjoyment of your surrounding golf course community.

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