5 Lakes Near Surrey: Explore British Columbia's Best Lakes

Best Lakes in Surrey

Surrey may be a suburban city with more than half a million people, but that doesn't mean that the area lacks outdoor activities for residents. People who enjoy boating, swimming, fishing and other water recreation activities will find no shortage of places to go. The city of Surrey provides easy access to lakes that offer these activities, or simply a day near the water for relaxation. Get ready for some fresh air by the water and read on to learn about five of the best lakes located near Surrey, BC.

Latimer Lake

Latimer Lake is located in Latimer Park on 28 Avenue in Surrey. The area used to be a gravel pit, but it has since filled in and become a lake with plenty of trees and green space. There are trails around the lake, and more improvements are planned for the future to enlarge the lake and give wildlife more room to gather.

The lake is a place where residents can walk on the pathways and enjoy the views of the water. Some wildlife sightings of birds and the occasional deer are possible. The only entrance is a dirt road that branches off 28 Avenue, and visitors should keep an eye out for the park signs.

Surrey Lake

Surrey Lake is located inside Surrey Lake Park on 152 Street. This is another man-made lake that the city diverts stormwater into every year. It's free to access the park and lake from dawn until dusk every day. Free parking is available just off 152 Street, via two entrances.

Surrey Lake Park features an easy 1.5-kilometre walking path that loops through the greenway. It takes about 45 minutes to walk the loop, which provides views of the north and east sides of the lake. It is a dirt pathway, so it can get muddy after a rainstorm. Wildlife is abundant in the park, including frogs, eagles, deer, ducks, and salmon. Fishing, boating and swimming are prohibited in Surrey Lake. The salmon and other fish species in the lake were not stocked by humans; they made their way into the lake from nearby Bear Creek and let nature take its course. Dogs in the park must be leashed, and it's prohibited for dogs to go in the lake's water.

Green Timbers Lake

This lake is located in the Green Timbers Urban Forest Park, which is located along 100 Avenue in Surrey and is known as one of the best parks in Surrey. There is a large, paved parking area off 100 Avenue to accommodate dozens of vehicles. This is one of the largest parks in Surrey, with more than 10 kilometres of primarily paved hiking trails. Residents can enjoy the lake itself or walk through the timber to enjoy the views and fresh air. There are also some picnic tables available in the park.

Wildlife near the lake includes eagles, barred owls, salamanders, squirrels, and many other species of birds. The lake is stocked with fish, and people are welcome to bring a fishing pole to try their luck. Other water activities are prohibited in Green Timbers Lake, including swimming and boating. Dogs are not allowed in the water and must be kept on a leash.

Many people enjoy taking the path to the northwest of the lake to find the "wandering rock." It's a large rock that is believed to have been pushed to its current location by a glacier. Parking is free, and there is no entrance fee to access and enjoy the park and lake.

Burnaby Lake

Burnaby Lake is located in the Burnaby Lake Regional Nature Park, about 14 kilometres northwest of Surrey in the Burnaby community. There are multiple entrances to the park surrounding the lake, which is a paradise for bird watchers. The best free parking is on the eastern side of the lake, off Avalon Avenue.

There are 11 kilometres of easy walking trails that surround the lake. Great blue herons, bald eagles, osprey, kingfishers, and more can be spotted in or around the lake. Visitors can also spot turtles and beavers around the lake. On the north shore of the lake, there is a viewing tower near Piper Spit that allows the best views of the lake and the surrounding area.

There is a picnic area on the north side of the lake near Cariboo Dam. Leashed dogs are allowed inside the park but not in the picnic area. People are welcome to take a canoe or kayak out on the lake, although powered motorboats are prohibited.

Deer Lake

Deer Lake is located just to the south of Burnaby Lake, in Deer Lake Park. Many access points surround this large urban lake, especially in the northwest part of the park off Deer Lake Avenue. There are many non-outdoor activities to enjoy here, including a museum, a couple of art galleries, a community garden, and even an ice cream parlour. The park has several marked trail routes running through it; just follow the signs to avoid getting lost, as the park is very big.

The lake is open for fishing from the shore, from the dock on the eastern edge of the lake or from a belly boat. Powered boats are prohibited, although canoes, rowboats, or kayaks are allowed. Dogs must be kept on a leash in Deer Lake Park and are prohibited on the beach and in the picnic areas.

On the east end of the lake near the docks, there is a sandy beach and a playground for kids. Wildlife that can be spotted from the trails around the lake includes blue herons, beavers, and turtles.

Surrey's Amazing Urban Lakes

Surrey is fortunate to have so many waterways and urban lakes for residents to access within city limits and just beyond. Anyone who enjoys Surrey's water recreation like kayaking or fishing or going for a walk along the shoreline will find plenty of outdoor places to enjoy these activities. The lakes aren't the only place to appreciate nature either, as residents have no shortage of outdoor activities in Surrey to choose from.

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