4 Condo Interior Design Tips to Maximize Your Space

Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

When a buyer is looking for condos, space is always a big consideration. How can they make the most of the space they have? Whether they're looking for ways to add storage or create more living space, there are design ideas to help them maximize the potential of their condoKeep reading to learn four ways to create more space in a condo.

Be Smart About Storage Space

Having enough storage space in a condo is important to keep it clean and organized. It can often be challenging to find an appropriate place for all the things condo owners need to store away when living in tight quarters. However, they can use some great ideas to maximize the storage space available in their condo.

Hidden storage is excellent for small spaces because it keeps items out of sight but still close by. They can use hidden storage anywhere around the condo, but it is easiest to achieve in larger areas such as the kitchen and bedroom. Examples of hidden storage are under-bed storage boxes, hidden shoe racks underneath the bed, and cabinets behind sliding doors in the closet.

Owners can also utilize fold-away furniture like tables, chairs, and desks. They can be put out when needed, but taking them apart or putting them away allows for more open space in the condo. There's also multipurpose furniture that can always remain out but serve another role as well. Drawers built into benches or chairs are perfect for things like extra blankets and pillows.

Choose the Right Paint Colours & Mirrors

Paint is a great way to add some colour and personality to a condo, but it also makes the condo appear larger. Certain paint colours (like light blue, mint green, and light grey) have been shown in studies to make spaces seem larger than they are.

In addition to colours, owners can also use mirrors to make a space appear more open. Mirrors reflect light and can make a condo appear brighter while also expanding the room visually. However, be careful not to overdo it with mirrors because too many of them can make a condo feel smaller instead of larger. Use the mirrors only in areas where they will make an impact, such as over the living room fireplace or above a bed.

Big Furniture Pieces: Less Is More

Condo Living RoomIf a condo feels cluttered, owners may need to invest in bigger furniture pieces. While the larger pieces will take up the same space, they will seem less crowded by comparison.

One example is the new living room trend of using massive sofas instead of multiple, narrow ones. If an owner already has smaller sofas and chairs, they should consider replacing them with a single large one. They will create a cleaner, more spacious look that makes the room appear larger. Similarly, they can swap multiple small dressers for a larger one.

The same logic can apply to something like a rug. A large rug can tie a room together by making it feel simpler and cleaner and setting it apart from other rooms. On the other hand, having multiple small rugs can make the condo look more cluttered.

Finally, if there's a lot of wall decor, scale it back by removing smaller pieces. Instead, try incorporating one large piece, such as a mirror or painting. This makes the wall seem larger and the room less crowded.

Optimize Vertical Space

Taking advantage of vertical space is smart for maximizing a condo's potential. One way to do this is by adding built-in shelving units. This creates a simple and practical look that provides plenty of room for storage while also freeing up floor space. Considering multiple levels or layers can be a great way to create a more open feel. For example, try placing bookshelves on an angle or stacking smaller pieces on top of bigger ones.

Wall shelving is not just for books. Owners can use it to store practically anything from clothes and shoes to kitchen supplies and toiletries. Consider adding wall shelving to areas like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen — anywhere they tend to accumulate clutter. Not only will it help with organization, but it will also free up some much-needed floor space.

Other vertical space options include hooks for plants, coats, towels, and keys. It's also wise to store items not often used high up on shelves or in cabinets where they can be out of the way.

Use A Condo Space Efficiently

When someone lives in a condo, it can be tricky to find places for their belongings without making the space seem crowded. But with the right design ideas and clever storage solutions, they'll have plenty of space left over. Optimizing vertical areas, using big furniture instead of small, and being strategic with colours and mirrors are just some of the ways to maximize a condo's living space.

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