What Is Fleetwood BIA? 4 Things to Know About the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association

What Does the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association Do?

The Fleetwood neighbourhood in North Surrey, British Columbia, is mainly residential but is also home to several commercial enterprises. While a thriving economy contributes to their prosperity, proprietors still face some of the same challenges as fellow entrepreneurs around the globe: finding qualified employees, ensuring security, maintaining buildings, and more. Fortunately, a local nonprofit helps small businesses in Surrey succeed. The Fleetwood Business Improvement Association provides grants, expert advice, and valuable services, and its marketing campaigns and entertainment events help attract customers to this locale. Here's what to know about the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association and what it can do for you.

What Is a BIA?

The first business improvement association appeared in 1970, serving entrepreneurs in Ontario. This concept gradually spread to other provinces and countries throughout the world. The associations are nonprofit groups that receive funding from property taxes collected by municipal governments, with some revenue from other sources.

Each BIA is guided by a board of directors and member businesses participating in its meetings. Many associations partner with various organizations to supply members with further benefits, such as discounted services.

All BIAs promote, protect, and advocate for local companies. For instance, they inform government officials and media outlets about the needs of proprietors. Staff or volunteers may take steps to enhance an urban area's appearance.

British Columbia's BIAs also use direct mail, newspapers, radio, and the internet to advertise their business districts. They encourage people to shop and dine locally, organizing special events to draw potential customers from neighbouring communities. Many BIAs strive to attract new enterprises to vacant buildings as well.

What Is the Fleetwood BIA?

What is the Fleetwood BIA?

Fleetwood's association began serving neighbourhood businesses in January 2017, with its new office holding an open house event to mark the occasion.

The FBIA started sponsoring Francis Park movie nights in the summer of 2018. Two years later, it worked to inform the public about the status of Fleetwood businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization sent mass mailings detailing available services, such as curbside pickup and takeout. When a fire badly damaged apartment buildings, the association raised nearly $10,000 to provide assistance.

Today, FBIA's membership has around 470 companies and commercial landlords, including a veterinary hospital, an insurance agency, and a coffee shop. In addition to commercial property taxes, it gains funding from private donors and the local chamber of commerce. The nonprofit's office can be found at 15957 84th Avenue and employs a president, vice president, executive director, secretary, and other officials.

What Does the Fleetwood BIA Do?

The organization engages in an assortment of activities to help develop a more appealing commercial district and draw customers to the area. For example, business owners may use FBIA grants to pay for fresh paint and other exterior improvements and can apply for a maximum of $1,000. The association also grants as much as $2,500 in funding for new security equipment. The Fleetwood BIA also:

  • Produces informative newsletters for members
  • Helps publicize area businesses on social media
  • Assists companies in providing employee benefits
  • Collects feedback and holds general meetings

This association uses many techniques to promote member businesses, like maintaining a searchable online directory of Fleetwood companies. Each listing includes a website link, physical address, and phone number.

The FBIA's Fleetwood Deals mobile app helps residents discover what local businesses offer. This organization also continues to arrange multiple Francis Park film nights each summer, where attendees enjoy a motion picture and complimentary refreshments.

What Does Being a Member of the BIA Mean?

Being a Member of the Fleetwood BIA

While Fleetwood businesses benefit from some of the BIA's efforts without joining the association, they can get the most out of it by becoming members. Building improvement and security grants require membership, and the Fleetwood Deals app only showcases special offers from association members. They also gain access to the BIABC Employee Benefits Program, which supplies economical group insurance for companies of any size. Among other things, different plans cover dental treatment, medications, chiropractic services, or massage.

Members influence a BIA's decisions and priorities, voting on yearly budgets and electing certain officials. Any business located in the Fleetwood area can join the organization. Property owners and renters qualify for membership.

To sign up, fill out the form on the FBIA contact page and click the new-member checkbox near the bottom. An alternative is to call the staff between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any weekday. There's no additional cost involved in becoming a member.

FBIA: An Asset to the Community

The Fleetwood Business Improvement Association truly helps make this neighbourhood an excellent place to purchase or start a business. This nonprofit also enhances the quality of life for everyone in this part of Surrey, as locals appreciate affordable employee benefits, building improvements, and fun outdoor events. Combined with Fleetwood's natural beauty and convenient amenities, these BIA services help attract residents and companies to the neighbourhood.

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